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Opening Event

Auditorium and staff entrances

Katsumi Endo CEO of Toyama

The Toyama Monozukuri Center, Toyama's new factory, opened on time on 10th April 2015. About 400 guests came to the opening ceremony, including many of Toyama's customers and suppliers. Visitors toured the new factory in groups and then everyone gathered in the auditorium for the official opening.

Katsumi (Joe) Endo the CEO of Toyama made a dedication speech for the new facility. This was followed by an address from a representative of the construction company together with presentations from several senior professors from the Japanese synchrotron community.

factory tour

Visitors on a tour of the factory

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony

Guests in the party

Guests in assembly area used as the party venue

After the official opening speeches in the auditorium the guests went to the assembly area upstairs which was decked out for a splendid party. The traditional ceremony of Kagami-biraki, the breaking open of the sake barrel, was performed by the special guests and the sake was then shared in souvenir Toyama wooden sake cups also known as masu.

All the guests enjoyed the sake and the excellent food and drink on offer. Fresh sushi was prepared by a group of experienced chefs who were kept busy during the party. The grand opening was considered to be a great success.

Kagami-biraki ceremony

Kagami-biraki ceremony

Sushi chefs

Sushi chefs

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