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The Toyama Monozukuri Center

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Assembly and Test Facilities

There are three separate assembly and test areas within the Toyama Monozukuri Center, with a total area of 2,400 m2 floor space.

Main assembly area

Main Assembly area

The main final assembly and test area, shown above, is a large double height space with full crane coverage.

Upstairs, and located next to the Engineering Office is a second assembly and test area, similar in floor area to the main assembly area but single height. This is where some sub-assembly work will take place. The location adjacent to the main engineering office is carefully chosen so that assembly staff have full and quick access to the design teams. This is of great benefit to both assemblers and designers and facilitates the rapid exchange of ideas and information when required.

Upstairs assembly area

Assembly and test area - showing two monochromators for MAX IV

There is also a large product assembly area adjacent to the large product machine shop. This facility will be used to assemble complete complex systems such as synchrotron beamlines or accelerator components.

Large product assembly area

Large Product Assembly area - showing a beamline being assembled for NSLS II

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