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The Toyama Monozukuri Center

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Auditorium during the opening ceremony

Toyama hopes that the Toyama Monozukuri Center will be used for community events and workshops.

The large Auditorium can seat approximately 500 people. Toyama is planning to use the auditorium as a venue for scientific and technical meetings. Toyama is also hoping to host community and educational events at the new facility.

Education room

Education room

The education room is designed as an area for school children to come to study the natural world. A great deal of effort has gone into restoring the natural woodland of the new factory site, supported by Prof. Miyawaki who is a world leading expert in forest regeneration. Toyama is very keen to involve the local community in the new facility and to get local school children to engage with the natural world.



The 40cm reflecting telescope will also be made available for community and school users. Access to the observatory will further add to the learning environment provided by the education room.

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